{A Note} My "Why?"

Photo by Laura Gravelle

Photo by Laura Gravelle

Recently, as a happy result of numerous, potential client consultations and guest speaking opportunities, I've found myself talking about...well, myself and why I do what I do. It got me thinking that throughout a potential client's decision process, I rarely, if ever, talk about myself. And that, my friends, is exactly why a client should choose me over one of my colleagues. So I'm taking the opportunity to share with you, a bit more about me and my "why." This post is a bit longer than normal, but I tried to keep it light and entertaining!

Without getting into too much of the boring, took-two-years-off-from-college-went-on-a-soul-searching-journey-to-end-up-back-where-I-started, mindless rant, that's exactly what I did. When I finally surfaced, I decided to enroll at Johnson & Wales University (go Wildcats!), here in Denver, to pursue a degree in Hospitality; capitalizing on some past customer service experiences and feedback that I should do something involving people.

While going to school, I was working at a country club, close to where I was living. Fast forward a couple of years through some perseverance and promotions, I decided it was time to move on. BUT, not before gaining a TON of high-end event planning, fine-dining, food & beverage, catering, and business experience. Not to mention, amazing industry contacts and one of the greatest friends I've been lucky enough to have (you know who you are!).

After my time at the "club," as we often referred to it, I was hired to plan events for a well-to-do corporate company in Westminster. My daily duties revolved around planning exclusive in-house corporate events & meetings, luxury employee events such as holiday parties, exotic retreats, sales incentive rewards, and quarterly customer workshops. While this was a lucrative opportunity for more than 3 years and advanced my career even further, it was no longer a good fit. And that's where Pink Champagne Events was born! But first..

During my time as a corporate planner, I was fortunate enough to marry the man of my dreams. And here's where my "WHY?" comes in.

Embarrassingly, I admit that I did not hire a wedding planner/coordinator. Why? Because I was a corporate planner and could do it all myself. Right? Wrong!! And let me tell you, it is one of my biggest regrets to this very day! While there is far too much to list, I'll touch on the most important and where, I feel, a planner would have been the most helpful in providing guidance.

1. Our venue had amazing views, a perfect space for our guest count, was in our price range, and available on our chosen date. To top it off, they had an in-house planner that would assist with everything on the wedding day. What the sales rep failed to disclose was that the in-house planner wouldn't; a) dress our tables (put linens on them), b) organize and set up our escort cards, c) assist guests in finding our reception room (multi room, multi wedding venue), d) create/manage a wedding day timeline, e) feed our vendors while we were eating, f) work with the DJ to seamlessly execute events such as; pouring of champagne, toasts + speeches, 1st dance, father-daughter, mother-son, last call, g) confirm our limo arrived on time (it didn't and we were the LAST to leave!), h) assist in loading our gifts/cards into vehicles, or i) assist in packing up and loading personal decor.

2. Our "photographer" sold us with, what I now know is, a sample album, that wasn't even her work! After a devastatingly, disappointing performance on the wedding day, she then delivered our HORRIBLE pictures via USPS in a cardboard box. We literally have (2) 8x10's, (8) 5x7's, (10) 4x6's to remember our WEDDING DAY!! Side note: she's no longer in business.

3. We didn't hire a transportation provider for wedding party, family, or guests. This led to unnecessary stress for myself, my hubs, and our wedding party.  Have you tried to carpool with 20 of your friends at the last minute? Not fun, right? The end result was an upset wedding party, several guests who got lost showing up frazzled and annoyed, and a wedding ceremony that started 20 minutes late. When dinner was over, guests left early to get back to their hotel while it was still light enough to see, effectively killing any sort of mass celebration we intended to have.

4. We didn't plan ANY weekend activities for our family + guests from out of town. Therefore, we spent ZERO time, outside of the rehearsal dinner + brief reception, with anyone that traveled long distances to celebrate with us. What we didn't know was that it didn't have to be anything organized. We could have said, "hey, we'll be at super-fun-awesome-restaurant-and-pub from 6pm-10pm, if you want to stop by and say 'hi.'"

5. While my husband was an innocent bystander, I committed to far too many DIY projects. Looking back now, as a professional, I can't help but laugh at the things I thought I had time to do, or would actually be interested in taking on! These are also the items that I strongly advise against, and know that had I hired a planner, he/she would have told me I was nuts to think I could do. {Ahem}...stationery, flowers, ceremony music, transportation, hair + makeup, etc...Some of these items, I finally relinquished to others' plates. The others, regretfully, I pursued. Good thing I don't have pictures to remind me, ha!!

 With all of that being said, my hubby and I still look back on our wedding day with happiness, because it was the day we committed our lives to each other, in front of God, our family and closest friends. And while we, and those that stuck it out with us, eventually had a great time, our day is forever stained with regrets. 

So, 7 1/2 years and 8 wedding seasons later, that's why I do what I do. There is no better way to assist other planning parties than to share with them my expertise, past experience, industry knowledge, industry connections & partners, my professionalism, and my sense of humor. Hundreds of clients, over the past 8 years, decided that Pink Champagne Events was of benefit to them and I intend to, God-willing, be a benefit and partner to hundreds more.

Thanks for indulging me and allowing me to share why I'm passionate about this industry and the couples and vendors that I'm fortunate to work with! And, if you're considering a planner for your wedding or event, I hope this post gives you insight as to what makes Pink Champagne Events one-of-a-kind.

Until next time,