Always a Bridesmaid...

Photo by Drake Busch (Drake + Co)

Photo by Drake Busch (Drake + Co)

Now that you've asked your besties to be part of your big day, it's time to think about what they'll be wearing. No matter how many gal pals are standing by your side, there are a few, important things you'll want to consider, for their comfort, while helping you get hitched!

1. Skin Tones. We all have that one color that makes our eyes pop or gives us that sun-kissed tan in the middle of winter. By the same token, we know what colors to avoid. Because your friends know the colors that suit them the best, ask them! Not that you'll be able to grant all their color wishes, but your question will show that you're truly interested in helping them look their best on your big day.

2. Season does matter. If you're planning a summer wedding, you probably don't want the ladies in heavy fabric and long sleeves. Instead, opt for a light fabric, such as chiffon or tulle with beautifully detailed straps. For a winter soiree, don't choose knee-length and strapless. And think about adding a warm accessory, such as a shawl or faux-fur stole. The same considerations should exist for their shoes. Don't plan peep-toes in January when there could be sub-zero temperatures and snow. 

3. Continuing the shoe talk; Is your ceremony and reception planned in a downtown ballroom where stunning stilettos can be donned in comfort? Or are you planning a mountaintop celebration where a fabulous flat makes more sense?

4. 'Maids come in all shapes & sizes. We all know that every woman has her own curves and...ahem, "problem areas." If you're opting for a uniform look and not giving each 'maid the opportunity to choose her own dress style, make sure you think about ALL of your gal pals when shopping for gowns. For instance, one friend may be a large D cup, while your sister is barely an A. Choosing a strapless bustier will mean both will struggle with potential wardrobe malfunctions for obvious reasons. And let's be honest, when you're not comfortable in what you're wearing, you're not as happy and carefree as you could be. Don't let that happen to your bride tribe!

5. Your venue and ceremony start time should depict the level of formality? As you may or may not know, an evening ceremony and reception begs for more formality than a morning ceremony and luncheon reception (see last post here for more info). Keep that in mind when selecting bridesmaid and groomsmen attire. Also think about your venue...again! Barns (especially popular in Colorado and on Pinterest) are very different than a gallery in the Arts District, which is different still, from a revived industrial space in an up-and-coming neighborhood. You'll want your wedding parties' duds to play nice with their surroundings. If they don't, it can end up looking like you didn't plan wardrobes at all and you'll have the memories (pictures) forever!

All-in-all, think about the considerations you would appreciate from a friend, if you were standing in her wedding. Or maybe you already have experience as a bridesmaid and can appreciate the value in your friends' input!

Until next time,