{Vendor Spotlight} Melissa Hirsch Photography

As a wedding planner, I have the unbelievable opportunity to meet and get to know hundreds of other industry professionals. And while only a small sampling of those hundreds are a fit for any given couple, I find myself wanting to share the exquisite talent that our local Colorado market has to offer.

In the pursuit of that purpose, I reached out to some of my faves at Trulife Studios to get the ball rolling. And I can't wait to introduce you to them!

Let's get started with Denver-based, Melissa Hirsch Photography, who is a little glam and a little rebellious. One of her guiding principles, whether she's capturing a wedding, a live event, or a gorgeous family, is that "photos should do more than 'document' or 'capture.' They should reveal."

L + R Photos by Heather Mason Photography, Center Photo by Melissa's husband, Kyle Hirsch.

What did you do prior to becoming a wedding, event, and family photographer?

"Oh my gosh, I've done a lot actually! But just before running my photography business full time, I was the editor of a national magazine. It was so fun, so fast paced, and I learned so much about developing processes, developing plans and schedules, getting things done, and so much more! I interviewed some incredible people and even did some photography for the magazine.

But, you know how in movies and on TV when there's a deadline for a newspaper? And everyone's sitting up all night looking exhausted? Well, that's pretty accurate in my experience! While there's nothing wrong with working hard at all hours of the night (goodness knows I've had a few of those nights with photography!), it's not worth it if isn't your passion. I'm SO glad to be a full time photographer and give my clients ALL of my attention!

In addition to being an editor, my past careers include; nanny, philosopher/college teacher, bakery retail, and productions!"

Fun or interesting facts that you love sharing about yourself!

"I love travel - this summer I went to Tokyo, and London in the fall. I want to go everywhere. As much as I love the mountains, I'm more of a city girl at heart. I grew up in a small town in suburban/rural Ohio, and always dreamed of living in a city! My little family is me, my husband, and our two little dogs. Love hanging with them, playing Mario Kart, and listening to podcasts while playing Mario Kart and having a glass of wine."

Melissa Hirsch Photography

What are the 3 most common words/phrases that past clients use to describe you?

"I hear 'hard-working a lot. I also hear that I'm stealthy or sneaky, which makes me laugh but I definitely take it as a compliment - I want to photograph moments, now distract from them! I also hear that I'm calming."

Not sure about you, but I would definitely want someone who is hard-working, stealthy, and calming to be a part of my client's big day."

3-5 tips for your clients to remember leading up to their session.

"Relax, enjoy, and be affectionate! It's cheesy and simple, but it's just true. They have so much on their minds at this point in the planning process - I let them know I have them totally covered photo wise. We have a plan and timeline all ready to go, so they just need to have fun and enjoy being around their loved ones.

The quote that best encapsulates my photo-philosophy? 'A thing you will see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.' Annie Liebovitz - world renowned American portrait photographer."

Melissa Hirsch Photography

What do you want potential couples, event producers, or families to know about your approach to their photo session/event?

"I would want them to know how much I care about them, and how much I want them to love their wedding day/event/family session, and their photos. I always want to balance the time I have with them, for photos, with the time they need with friends and family. I want them to have beautiful formal family photos. I want them to have beautiful photos of the two of them, fun and heartfelt candid photos with their guests - and I don't want any of that to detract from their enjoyment of their day."

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Want to learn more about Melissa, or think she's a perfect fit for you? See more of her fabulous portfolio and connect with her online at www.MelissaHirschPhotography.com or check out her recent happenings on Facebook and Instagram. Want to reach out the old fashioned way? Give her a shout at 303.520.1674.

If you're a vendor that would like to be featured in the future, please email Jessica@pinkchampagneevents.com with the Subject, "Vendor Spotlight."

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