{Vendor Spotlight} Occasions Catering

Hey everyone, it's time for another vendor spotlight! This time, we're chatting with Krista Pass, Marketing Manager for Occasions Catering - Denver. If you think that company name sounds familiar, you're right! Not only does Occasions have a fabulous and long-standing reputation within the private + social event industry, but our very own wedding day specialist, Madison Grosshuesch, spent some time as part of their team! 

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Led for 10 years (this week!) by spirited and fearless co-owners, Jeremy Bronson and David Tenenbaum (pictured below), Occasions touts an experienced team of office and event staff surpassing 100 members! And, let me tell you, every single event we have the opportunity to collaborate on is met with the highest attention to detail, finest quality ingredients, and an incomparable level of service. Not to mention the fun had by all, including their staff! Without further adieu, let's get the inside scoop from Krista!

What did you do prior to your current career in the event industry?

"I am like most of our team members, in that I've worked in the industry in a wide range of positions, prior to joining the Occasions team. I started off my career doing marketing and design work for a restaurant group/hospitality company back in Ann Arbor, Michigan. While also doing freelance graphic design and photography work of my own, on the side. I quickly learned that the events/hospitality industry was a perfect fit for my creative mind and restless nature,. So, I started craving even more side jobs in it - wedding cake decorating and delivering, wedding photography, invitation designing, custom signage, etc... I loved that every was different and that I was surrounded by interesting people with the same creative drive I possess! It was only natural that when I moved to Denver in 2015, I would pursue a career in this field."

What are some common misconceptions regarding your products and services?

"So many people think catering is just about the food. We always try to reiterate that a good caterer should go far beyond the food. Our event designers work with our clients and vendor partners, one-on-one, to coordinate rentals, event design, floor plans, event timelines, florals, event staffing, etc...Great weddings and events usually can't pull off just having food delivered. It's about creating the whole experience for our clients and making complicated events seem effortless. That requires far more planning and coordination than a simple restaurant food order and will make all the difference at your occasion. "

We couldn't agree with Krista more! 

(Pictures below by Meigan Canfield Photography)

Are there any common terms used to describe Occasions' food and team?

"Creative food, communicative designers, and "experts" overall. I'd say "experts" gets used the most. I've always said our event designers are "expert listeners." And, at this point in our longstanding business, because we constantly hear about how we listen to our clients more than any other caterer and try to really make our events feel personal and special for our clients' unique visions." 

What are 3-5 tips that the Occasions team and you, specifically, share with clients leading up to their event?

"Stay calm. You've planned endlessly and you've hired the right vendors to pull off your special day. We've got this and you do to! Now just enjoy the big day and know we have your back. But, still stay in communication with us regarding any last minute changes. AS SOON AS YOU CAN. We often get asked questions about tipping the catering staff a few days before the event. Although it's optional, we generally recommend that clients tip between $25 per staff member and 20% of the food and beverage portion of the catering bill (that is, without including staff charges, rentals, administrative free, or tax)."

Meigan Canfield Photography

Any fun or interesting facts that you love sharing about working at Occasions?

"We are all actually friends and often feel like family. Haha. I think it's rare to have a work environment where a majority of the company still hangs out with each other after a long day of events or office work. Our team is full of people from many different backgrounds, but we all seem to have enough common ground to not kill each other day after day in this crazy industry! ;)"

Get in touch!

You can find Occasions online at www.occasionsdenver.com. Check out their latest food innovations and happenings on Instagram (@occasionscater) or Facebook (/occasionscater). Ready to get in touch and see what amazing specialties Occasions can come up with for your event? Email their event design team at Info@occasionsdenver.com or give them a shout at 303.789.1867.

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