{Vendor Spotlight} Pretty Writing - Denver Calligrapher and Artist

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving! Now that you're back, you're just in time for another vendor spotlight!

If you've ever been to one of my weddings or events, peeked at my Insta account, or checked out the detail pictures that I share, you know I'm THE. BIGGEST. lover of hand fonts. Calligraphy, specifically. My {slight} obsession with videos that showcase the fine art of script creation may be the ultimate downfall of my productivity. 

Fortunately for me, my obsessions and my career cross paths frequently! And it was only a matter of time before my attraction to the lost art of hand written calligraphy would bring me to the uber talented, Evette Goldstein of Pretty Writing.com. Described as "an amazing calligrapher and true professional who does incredible work," Evette is "meticulously preserving the art of calligraphy one envelope at a time." Read below to learn a bit more about this engineer turned full-time artist!

Photo by Kim Nodurft

What did you do prior to becoming a professional calligrapher? 

"My first career was an Aerospace Engineer! I worked in the Laser Division of Hughes Aircraft designing weapon systems for the Department of Defense until I was hired by Martin Marietta and they moved us to beautiful Colorado. I was a Senior Engineer designing printed circuit boards (before we had computers) in the Space Systems Division designing NASA projects, Space Shuttle, Magellan, Galileo. My second career was a Telecom Engineer at US West until Qwest came along and changed everything!"

What are some fun/interesting facts that you love sharing about you and the art of calligraphy? 

"I'm a 50/50 left brained-right brained individual and it has been the perfect fit for both my engineering career and my artistic career. ALL of my calligraphy work is done by hand. People see the beauty of calligraphy but are not necessarily aware of the need for a meticulous attention to detail, as well as math skills!"

Give us some tips that you share with your clients about your craft. 

"I share the 'modern' etiquette for addressing envelopes and that I am able to replicate the style of writing on the invitation for the names and addresses on the envelopes. Labels are only appropriate for junk mail!" 

What do you love most about what you do?

"Everything! I love meeting people who appreciate the skills and talent necessary to do my work. I am constantly immersed in creativity and still use my math skills on a daily basis. I love to create artistic pieces including illuminations, either as 'stand alone' artwork or as an embellishment to a poem or quote."

Evette's work isn't limited to invitation suites and day-of stationery! She can also do chalk boards, scrolls, envelopes, place/escort cards, table numbers, hand written Ketubahs, vows, certificates and awards, and a slew of other surfaces. I also happen to know for certain that she can hand script table numbers on faux pumpkins!

Get in Touch!

Ready to make Evette a part of your fabulous vendor team? Connect with her via the information below!

Website: www.prettywriting.com, Email: Evette@prettywriting.com, on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter. Or, if you prefer an old fashioned phone call, her number is 303.814.2869. 

Until next time,