7 Things You Shouldn't Do the Week of Your Wedding!

Now that all of your planning is done and you're less than 10 days away from marrying the love of your life, you have no worries, right?! Well, that's how it should be, in theory. But what about the things you wouldn't normally think of...especially, regarding your beauty routine(s)?  Below are some helpful ideas, to help keep your bride-to-be appearance in tip-top shape!

Images by Laura Murray Photography

1. Tan lines. No matter what style of dress you have (strapless, sweetheart, sheer, etc...), odds are that your fave tank will leave a line that doesn't quite match up. Avoid sitting in the sun for extended periods of time and changing that perfect, sun-kissed glow you've worked so hard to get!

2. Change Your Hair Cut, Style, or Color. As women we all know that a drastic change to our hair is the magic potion for curing most any ail. But, the week of your wedding is not the time for that change. You want your fiance and guests to recognize you! Not to mention the vendors that you hired and haven't seen for a couple of months. Stick with the basics of your normal hair color, a trim, and/or similar style.

3. Alter Your Skincare Routine. This is a BIG one! Any changes to your skincare routine can disrupt the natural oil balance in your pores and could lead to redness, dry & flaky skin, oily appearance, and even the dreaded "z" word. Keep things as routine as possible and don't forget to moisturize!

4. Whiten Your Teeth. Don't get me wrong on this one. It's definitely okay to get your chompers to a state of pearly white, just don't try to do it the week of your wedding. As the daughter of a dentist, I know that extreme and "flash" whitening can lead to unbearable sensitivity! Instead, plan to gradually whiten over the course of a few months, and on the big day, you'll be able to enjoy that cold glass of Chardonnay, sensitivity-free.

5. Wax. Let's be honest, you're going to do this the week of the wedding. My advice? Try to do it earlier in the week, as opposed to later, so the swelling and irritability goes away before any planned activities.

6. Diet and Exercise. So, every day of your 14-month engagement, you've done cross-fit, run 7 miles, eaten only fruits and vegetables, and ended with a Pilates session to get your body ready for the big day. Congratulations! For the week of the wedding, don't throw all of that out the window, but allow yourself some flexibility. With friends & family in town, it's next to impossible to hold the same schedule and diet discipline. Trying to do so will result in unnecessary stress and could actually make you gain weight.

7. Heavy Lifting, Moving, Physical Labor. If you're like me, you don't mind doing physical labor. But, if you're like me, you end up with bruises, scrapes, scratches, and mysterious marks on your arms, hands, legs, feet, and face. To keep your body in pristine condition for those wedding day portraits (that you'll hang on your wall, forever) try to avoid anything that could result in one of those awesome, yellow/purple/green bruises in the middle of your forearm.

Until next time,